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Issue in Loading external custom lib in script assertion

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Issue in Loading external custom lib in script assertion

Ready API Version- 3.9.0


I have created few external groovy files for common assertions. to use those external script files have created a custom lib folder on local machine -

For Ex- /Users/<User-Name>/SoapUI_Projects/lib

And also updated the path of the folder in the Script library under Preferences and saved preferences+ restarted Ready API as well.

Now when I am using this lib in Assertion. It is still looking for the Ready API installation folder instead of my custom lib path.

It looks for dir-  "/Application/ReadyAPI such file directory)" instead of my custom lib path.


can anyone please help me here if I am doing something wrong?


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Here is the documentation for the same. Please refer if not already.

Ensure the groovy files placed under above directory are classes not scripts.

As per your screen shot, the file is not found in the given location. Ensure the path is correct.

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hi @lavnyaup ,

ReadyAPI project would bind a script library in project level (in project properties). you just need to fill in your script lib path (i.e. ${projectDir}/xxx/xxx).


for instance:

your project path is: C:\Users\<User name>\ReadyAPIProject

your script lib path would be: ${projectDir}\ScriptLib




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