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Is there a way to add multiple existence assertions

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Is there a way to add multiple existence assertions



I wanted to ask if there is a way - like for example the Smart Assertion - where I can add a single assertion step that checks for 20/30/40 existences of nodes in a response?
Currently the only way I see is to rightclick add existence assertion, multiplied by the amount of nodes I have/need.

In the Smart Assertion I can only add Assertions on the lowest layer


For example here I do not want to test if _master_meta > readPermission > RoleCustomer is valid / true whatever. I want only the master node _master_meta as mandatory, what comes beneath this node does not matter.
And if anyhow possible I want to have one single Assertion step, where I can check


an example like this where i check the existence of all the 4 nodes, but do not care about what is beneath. Or do I have to create 4 assertions with check for existance of _master_meta, _slave_meta, master and slave?

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You might be able to write a custom groovy script for something like this. To me, that tends to be easier than having multiple assertions.


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Here's an ex: how you can add multiple existence assertions in JavaScript or a tool-specific scripting..

// Sample response JSON
var response = {
    "_master_meta": {},
    "_slave_meta": {},
    "master": {},
    "slave": {}

// Define an array of nodes to check for existence
var nodesToCheck = ["_master_meta", "_slave_meta", "master", "slave"];

// Create a function to check the existence of nodes
function checkNodeExistence(nodeName) {
    if (response.hasOwnProperty(nodeName)) {
        // Node exists
        return true;
    } else {
        // Node does not exist
        return false;

// Loop through the nodes and add assertions
for (var i = 0; i < nodesToCheck.length; i++) {
    var nodeName = nodesToCheck[i];
    var isNodeExist = checkNodeExistence(nodeName);
    // Add assertions based on the result
    if (isNodeExist) {
        // Add a pass assertion for node existence
        // You can add this result to your test report
        console.log(nodeName + " exists: PASS");
    } else {
        // Add a fail assertion for node non-existence
        // You can handle this failure in your testing process
        console.error(nodeName + " does not exist: FAIL");


I hope it helps.

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