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Is any way, how to switch all JDBC steps from MySQL to ORACLE ? on whole project at once?


Is any way, how to switch all JDBC steps from MySQL to ORACLE ? on whole project at once?


I was unable to found out a way, how to change on all my JDBC test steps the connection - I must go to one by one and change connection form drop box.. 

But my project is huge.. Now we have to migrate from MySQL to ORACLE. The querys are equal (only select from table, but a lot of them). 


It there any way, how to save my energy and do the switch form ReadyAPI UI? 

Because I have in my mind only way.. just edit project XML file and replace it there.. But this is dirty solution.. And I can make mistake and broke my whole project.


Any suggestion is wellcomed.. can be some Groovy script.. I have no idea.. 

Thanks a lot.

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Hey @vikititor,

I had a similar issue last year but i had to go from a local sqlserver to a remote and i found a way to use the gui to get it done.
However, my approach wont work in your example cos youre switching RDBMSs to which requires a driver switch (which isnt parameterisable in the gui unlike the other connection properties).

As you say, you can edit the project .xml file, but its a dodgy option, althougj entirely feasible...youd just need to make sure your find/replace was perfect.

Anyway, i found a stackoverflow post that provides a groovy option to switch all jdbc teststeps connection properties. This is just ome of the options sure theres a number of them.

Hope it helps,

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unfortunetally this script not works at all for me.. I can found only the test cases in my test suite.. After whole a day.. investigationg, how to select "JUST" JDBC test step.. I must do that manually.. 


Because there is no way, how to manage it form central point. 


??? Why database manager is there? When we can not assign connection form it to all test steps?

??? Why the model is so over complicated, that selection of test step base don the dype not works?


Better to replace this in project XML file.. really.. 




Bit late to this one, but here goes....


Assuming you have used the db connections in the Environments part of the UI, you could have a bunch a db connections.  E.g. customer-db, sales-db etc.  Each of these have the name you see in the JDBC step dropdown, driver to use and connection details.  In theEnvironments part of the UI, can you not simply change the driver and update the connection details?  The should result in any connection in JDBC step or Groovy script that connects via connection name to use the updated details.

Sorry I did not get your point.. This is a question?

I can not change the driver in all the JDBC steps.. I must open step by step and chagne the driver in there..

And this is my problem... 

Missing "assign to all test steps" button or something.. Who will do this job for me.. 


Work arround: Next time create all as a project propertie.. and there you can configure and re-configure all during run-time.. Nice.. but more than 50 project properties (what I have) is really messy.. 



Firstly, for transparency, ChrisAdams is my home account and ChrisA is the account I use at work.  Licensed SoapUI user at work etc.etc.


Anyhow, the way I described it, albeit badly, does work.  Might not be what you want, but I'll try and step it out anyway.  If I have misunderstood, what you're trying to achieve, then say.


In the Environments editor, you can define service URLs and JDBC Connections for each environment.  E.g. Test, Pre-Prod and Prod.  Each JDBC connection is 'named'.  E.g. CUSTOMERDB.  For that you define the driver and connection details.


When you create a JDBC Test Step, you select the 'named' connection of interest.  The other fields, e.g. Driver and Connection, are then populated from the settings in the Environments editor.


If you switch enviornments, the details in the JDBC test step are updated to point at. the right db for the enviroment.


Conversely, if you update the named JDBC connection to use a new driver and conn details, then this is  propagated down to each JDBC Test Step using that connection.  I have tested this, but I cannot share any screenshots.  Nor can I do this from home as I don't have the Pro licensed version.


Maybe @richie could do some screenshots.


This link SoapUI Environments , shows the Environment editor and this link JDBC Connections shows the JDBC Editor.  The Name column indicates what I mean by 'named' connections.


For each JDBC Test Step (link ), the Connection details are tethered back and forth with JDBC Connections.  In the step, if you change the connection, then the greyed-out Driver, Conn String and Password are update.  Same thing happens if you update the named connection in the Environments editor, even a driver change works.




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