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Is Environment Setting (Endpoint) Cached?

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Is Environment Setting (Endpoint) Cached?

I have a REST project in SoapUI.  The project has four environments.  I set these up via Environments Editor.  When I go into a TestSuite, and select the environment I want then all requests appear to point to that environment.   However, when I run a request and trace it then I see that it is actually using the previously-used environment (endpoint).  


Is this cached?  How to change?



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I do not think environment feature is in open source version of sopa ui

As far as I know once you switch your environment, next time you run the test.

It should reflect the new environment


My version is ReadyAPI 2.1.0 with SOAPUI PRO 5.1.2.


Does that make a difference?  

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I have the same build of READY API.


So in your case environment seems to be getting cached?

The only way that may happen is if endpoints are getting copied from project and both have the same endpoints.


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