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Integration of composite project with VSTS - TFS

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Integration of composite project with VSTS - TFS

I have a composite project in Ready API with SOAP and REST requests and it is saved in a repository in TFS as a composite project. I need the tests in the composite project to be run as build definition from TFS.


I can see only documentation for running tests from a project xml file . 

How to use a composite project in the TFS integration and run the tests ? (without an xml projectfile). 

Please let me know on how to run tests from a composite project with VSTS (TFS) or the procedures for implementing the same.


Thanks in advance.

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1. Save your composit project to Git/VSTS repository

2. Create a release pipeline in VSTS

3. Add Artifact to the release pipeline (which is your repository)

4. You will have to add the SOAP UI Pro Azure DevOPs extension from marketplace (Its free)

5. Add a stage to the Release Say Ready-API tests.

6. Configure the Agent Job.

7. Add Task SOAP UI Pro for Azure DevOps.

8. Add Publish Test report task.

9. Path to SoapUI Pro project : Should be your repositry path where your composite project is saved.

10. Enter Suite Name.

10. Enter Test Name to be run.

11. Save the changes and trigger the release.

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Hi @kjeeva26,


Did Patilawaken's suggestion help you resolve the question?

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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