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How to update data source (grid) dynamically ?

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How to update data source (grid) dynamically ?


I have created a project and test case with following steps..

1. Data Source ( Type Grid) - 9 input values
2. REST Request ( which takes values from data source)
3. Groovy Script ( some logical operations)
4. Data Loop

Task : At the moment I am using fixed data in data source, but I want to change the values in Data Source (Grid) from REST Service JSON response. So I can update the Data Source dynamically from JSON response.

Json response for an api returns the 9 values which I need in Data Source.

Is anyone come across this kind of scenario and any help will be appreciated ..

My Thoughts :
1. Write Script to parse the JSON Response and store values in an array/list
2. Then transfer them to Data Source by some sort of scripting.

Please help me in achieving step 2 if possible.


Re: How to update data source (grid) dynamically ?


This is an interesting question. However, if you want SoapUI Pro support (which you are entitled to), you have to post either in the SoapUI Pro sub forum, or use the support contact form at


Henrik O

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Re: How to update data source (grid) dynamically ?

Hi Henrik,

Thanks for your reply. I have raised a support ticket.


Re: How to update data source (grid) dynamically ?

Hi, were you able to get this done ?
I have similar question that get type used in data source step in groovy.

If (getTestStep.config.type == "datasource")
As per above if condition i can validate if step is of type data source but what if i want to validate if datasource is of type jdbc ?
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