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How to solve complex data driven tests say for REST API for a combination of input/output variables

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How to solve complex data driven tests say for REST API for a combination of input/output variables

1.Preparing the different input and output for given test case say a REST API method is time consuming. Especially when the complexity of the combination of input-out options increases.


   Any tool which could do this or something similar to help generate the test case(s) would solve the problem. Does SOAP UI has such feature?


2.With little bit of working on the SOAP UI Pro I have come across Data Driven Test against a data source (Excel sheet). 


Now this has the redundant step of preparing the data source's (excel sheet) data and also understanding the DB schema to prepare the Excel file as data source. Can we write data driven test case where in input we get from the Excel and validate the result against excel data and/or some complex SQL query or DB View's result dynamically? Or any suggestions to solve this 



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Hi Cnanju,


You can use Ready! API's Data Generator to get the needed input and output values. Read the following article for details:





Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Hi Tanya,


                  I am actually using Soap UI pro /  Ready! API 1.9.0. trying out Data driven tests using Excel file as data source.

                  ""SoapUIPro / Ready! API 1.9.0  helps to get input from excel and compare the actual result (select portion of actual result with JSON path/Xpath etc) with the column in the datasource(excel) . This would help comparing actual result with simple or single value of expected result.


                  However when I want to compare the Actuals response data with the Expected response JSON data along with the business logic to compare say check the sort order etc Should I use Groovy script step or Groovy assertion in the Rest Request?


                   How to get the currently executing row's particular column by name  (Excel file is the data source) in this scenario?. So that I could test the business logic  and I would also like to assert whether the test step failed or passed with the messages to be logged and coming in the Report.





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          I have got it solved with some trial and error. I have listed the details here in this post's reply section and marked as answer.

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