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How to setup the test in ReadyAPI to avoid multiple logins to the application in a LoadUI scenario.

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How to setup the test in ReadyAPI to avoid multiple logins to the application in a LoadUI scenario.

When running my load test if I have my login and logout inside of a test case and then run as a load scenario, it will trigger many logins and logout request in a load test.


The script has the following steps.








There is a token that gets passed to Action1, Action2, Action3, and Logout.

How do I setup the test case or scenario in loadUI, so that I only need to run Login once and then loop through Action1 - Action3 before Logout at the end.



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you can put the login and action steps into two separate test cases:

  • Login Test Case
  • Action Test Case 


Then, you can:

  • execute the Login test case manually and thus set up the authorization data.
  • execute a load test with the Action Test Case.

This doesn't work as I am trying to simulate different users logging in for each VU I am running.

Quang Tran
Test Automation Lead


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@quangtran, so the test case could be designed the following way:

  • login
  • data source
  • activities
  • data source loop
  • logout


The activities would be repeated multiple times and login/logout just once.

How do you loop based on the duration of the load test?

If I setup the loop as a data source loop, it will complete as soon as the steps are completed which can be quite fast. Some of the calls are sub seconds and let's say I loop 10 times, it will finish really fast.

Is there some way to control how long the loop goes based on the load scenario? If it was 20min the loop should run for 20min and if it is 30min then it should loop for 30min.

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