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How to set user agent when executing Ready APi project on jenkins( unix)


How to set user agent when executing Ready APi project on jenkins( unix)

i was able to Use the Ready API client using preference i was able to set the User Agent. But when i execute the project(mavenzied) on jenkins .User Agent default going as empty.

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Hey @harry 



I've done a little reading I think this isnt a ReadyAPI issue but a Jenkins or build agent issue.  I'm assuming manually hard coding the User-Agent header in ReadyAPI is equivalent to using the User-Agent header flag in the Preferences.


One of the sites I found suggested setting the http.agent system property on the command line when launching Jenkins.


Unsure if that'll help or not - but worth a look maybe?





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I have copied the soapui-settings.xml from my local to jenkins machine. I can see the user agent working.  we have different usescases where we need to test with different values HttpSettings@user-agent with different values ( Android, IOS,Ipad) How can i set it programmatically? right now i was able to set with only Android. Other testcases were failing.

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