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How to send value from response into datasource ?

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How to send value from response into datasource ?


say for example in the script assertion we get a value from a  response:

def nameId= context.expand( '${getPerson#Response#$[\'data\'][4][\'name\'][\'nameId\']}' )


suppose we have already a datasource step with an excel file.

How to send this value "nameId" into a cell named "nameId "in excel file?

without using datasink step.




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Can you please give a high level view of the problem trying to solve?

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So i have a datasource step with an excel file.

i have a request (using some data from excel file) which returns a response.

i want to send a value from the response into the same excel file into a cell.

I saw some groovy in the forum for this purpose but in my case i want to do it in a script assertion not as groovy step.


Thank you. Wanted to understand why value needs to be stored in excel?
Would you please point that or post the error if you already tried in script assertion?

Mostly the a script would script assertion too if that works in groovy script with or without minimal changes


@_ivanovich_ :


Could you please share any screenshot or dummy script where you are getting error, it would be usefull to solve your issue.


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Himanshu Tayal
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Thank you nmrao, HimanshuTayal!


@_ivanovich_ were you able to solve this? Please share the results with usSmiley Happy

Otherwise, we can continue the investigation here if you provide the info Himanshu and Rao are asking of you above.

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