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How to programatically create stuff?

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How to programatically create stuff?

Looking to migrate extensive existing test collection in a dead format to SoapUI Pro - can anyone direct me to the documentation required to create an importer?

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"test collection in a dead format" - what does it mean?




Can you provide more information on what format you are trying to import from?

ReadyAPI supports importing Postman collections

Other tools will be more difficult to convert. You would likely need to develop a plugin to support it or submit a feature request.

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@pmagr :


What is "dead collection" ?

Are you talking about porting existing Suite created in other tool to SoapUI Pro??


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Himanshu Tayal
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Thank you for your help, Community!


Hi @pmagr. Were you able to achieve this? Please let us know your progress and we can continue helping you here if you still need thisSmiley Happy 

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How does one get started create a plugin to support importing? That appears to be a link to the top level of the plugin documentation.


Is importing test cases in various formats not a common use case for SoapUI?


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@HimanshuTayal  @nmrao Yes, I am trying to import a collection of tests from another format, namely Visual Studio Web Tests which have been deprecated.


@sonya_m No, my problem has not been resolved, the issue was just deprioritized for a couple weeks.



Creating a plugin is a large task. I linked you to the top level so you could do your own research as you hadn't given much detail as to what tool you're working with or what you're trying to achieve.


By 'Visual Studio web tests' do you mean the Load/Performance tests that were recently deprecated in Visual Studio? i.e. this?


You can take a look at the Postman Importer source code as a starting point but yours may look very different.


I don't work for SmartBear so I can only speculate that importing competitors projects are not as sought by their customers as say supporting the latest and greatest technology. That being said you could make a feature requrest to SmartBear. They may be interested to implement this if there was enough people interested in making the switch.



@pmagr : No it is not a common practice in SoapUI to import collections developed in other tools because soapui itself provides lots of feature by which we can do both manual and automation of APIs.


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Himanshu Tayal
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@thePantz Yes, the Load/Performance tests are what I am talking about.


The Postman Importer source code link looks like it's as good a starting point as I'm going to get, thank you.



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