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How to omit parameters in a REST request

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How to omit parameters in a REST request


For my automation project I will have a lot of testsuites and testcases with a lot of combinations. For each testsuite I've entered the necessary parameters to be able to use in each testcase. In ReadyAPI you do that in tab "Projects" on your created webservice.

Now, not all parameters will be filled in for a particular testcase whereas the REST request will send anyways all the parameters as emtpy string.

For this project this is harmful, as an empty string could give an answer, and that isn't what I'm looking for.

For example:

Testsuite parameters: name, cbe_number, country, municipality, neighbours, street, housenumber, po_box

Testcase: Search company on name

For this testcase only parameter 'name' will be filled in, but when I send the request, all other parameters are also filled in in the URL. How can I, per testcase, omit the other parameters please?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Rao,  I know I'm a pain in the ass,  but I'm someone who likes to learn and understand what I'm code  🙂

When I look at the Groovy Script there is a part that points to the SERVICE_HOST_PORT that I have declared on Project Level in 'Custom Properties' (  def serviceHost = context.expand('${#Project#SERVICE_HOST_PORT}')  )


Can I asume  that the script is indeed making contact with the SwaggerHub where our data is on and that the script is not only taking the properties on TestCase level in 'Custom Properties)?



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Replies on my questions   🙂

1) Yes, the groovy script is indeed making contact with the Enpoint, though I needed to have a lot of patience before the answer came.

2) If I want the result being written in readable json code I need to change the last line of the script: groovy.json.JsonOutput.prettyPrint(response.toString())

instead of groovy.json.JsonOutput.prettyPrint(response.text)

or so I've read.

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About omitting the parameters...
If a parameter with an empty value shouldn't be sent, you need to un-check the Required check-box for this parameter in the Advanced options section
 for this parameter.



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NOTE: when you omit the parameter in ReadyAPI as Nastya said, this will be inherited by all testsuites and it's testcases and teststeps of that project. The parameter won't be send as long no value is present in the parameter value field.

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