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How to manipulate excel data?

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How to manipulate excel data?



Can someone please assist with the following test steps, I need help with the test step in bold as below:-


I am using SoapUI Pro & issuing REST requests.


  • Generate an excel file 
  • Issue a Post Request - I Upload the excel file via an attachment  (I will call this File 'A'/Master Copy)
  • Using File 'A' I need to make any small & non-specific change (for example, there is an excel column called customer name) for the sole purpose that I create a new file called File 'B' that is very similar to File 'A' but not identical 
  • After creating File 'B'  I will upload this file once again via a Post request using an attachment 



Can anyone advise me how to do this?


*If scripting is involved can you please include clear comments for the purpose of my own learning.



Many thanks in advance

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Reading and changing Excel file is possible only from script. There is no build in functionality for this in ReadyAPI.

You can find many examples in the community. Here are some of them:



Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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