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How to get the test suite status in soapui using groovy script?


How to get the test suite status in soapui using groovy script?



Iam writing a script to capture project execution status in which i need to capture test suite run status as well. I'm not able to get the test suite status. Appreciate if anyone can help me in capturing the test suite status.

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Hey @Prabaharan,

I have a project level teardown script that @Radford scripted that may help, although it provides testcase, project and testsuite stats.

Im driving at moment but once im back home, i'll post the script


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Please take a look at the answer in the below thread, you get what you need.

Note that, only test step will have actual status, if all the test steps passes then a test case is considered pass and all the test cases are passed then a suite is passed.


Hey @richie ,


Thanks for the note. But I need a groovy code to get the test suite status.



You can use the event: TestSuiteRunListener.afterRun "Status test suite " + + " " + testRunner.status


I use events for example to send my results to testrail. So you should be able to do whatever you need with these events.


A test suite teardown script should be possible too. You should be able to use runner.status


Cheers, Sabine

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Great job everyone! 😊  

Hi @Prabaharan, were you able to solve your question with either of the suggestions? Please share your progress with us! 

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Hi Team,

Thanks for the quick reply's. Appreciate your help.


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