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How to disable useless information in diff comparison?

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How to disable useless information in diff comparison?

Ok, so I just expanded and collapsed one project and definition. 


When I save a project I can see that versioning system tells me that files have changed. Clearly I haven't changed anything regarding the code, tests or anything else.


How do I disable such behavior? I'm not interested in seeing "last opened" property since it obscures what was actually changed and I'm having difficulties merging and analyzing file changes because I do not know whats actual change and what is virtual..



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Well, it is a little pain when there are things such dates and some generated ids especially.

But one this, if you are sure no project artifacts are changed, then simple revert using versioning system. Simplest I can think of at least for this situation.

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I go through the same trouble everyday

as soon as you open the project file it saves the settings.xml with some new GUID

I end up reverting the file changes when I see its settings.xml file and then check in my stuff.


It should be reported as Bug (very High priority i would say)

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I am a long time supporter of Smartbear and the SoapUi/Ready!API suite and have personally been the reason for a massive uptake in making use of the licensed product. While this problem is manageable with methods that have been stated above, it results in an extraordinary amount of effort to ensure that there are no faulty or unnecessary updates. In the scenario where I am making valid changes to _specific_ tests this is affecting and touching every other element. Meaning a small update results in a big commit that obfuscates the thing that is being updated. 


This is further highlighted as I find our test packs maturing and growing *looks at one example in source tree - 55 Changes*.



I cannot stress how important it is that this issue is focused on and adjusted for composite projects.

Composite project 1.4 anyone? 


+1 for Improvement 

(P.S. I can't wait for 1.10.0 or 2.0.0 ;D)

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This fix would make my life so much easier. I am always having to second guess myself when committing. Hopefully this will be corrected in the next update which should be major and happening soon.

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