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How many VM's & infrastructure detail required for set-up

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How many VM's & infrastructure detail required for set-up

Need to do load testing in SoapUI & LoadUI (License version) tool in 2 VM with (TPS) 3000 - 5000 & concurrent users- 25000. Pls provide us how many VM's & infrastructure detail required for this,


Customer Requirment :- 

Minimum transactions / sec (TPS) 3000 - 5000
Minimum concurrent users: (CU) 25000
Definition on request/response size: 20kb
Acceptance criteria: TPS.2000 CU.12500


Our Requirement For Setup :-
1- Pls. provide us how many VM's required for this.
2-What will be the infrastructure details.


This is a common question but also a tough one. We cannot provide an accurate answer to this because this questions has a lot of dependencies (How extensive are this scenarios, how big are the Request/Response, do they have attachments, etc). Instead we have a real easy way that you can figure this out by leveraging the easy to use functions that we provide. Please see instructions below:


  1. Set up an Agent on one of the remote environments.
  2. Set up a RAMP SEQUENCE load profile:
  3. Set Up the Peak VUs to the MAX that you want to ramp up to
  4. Set up a MONITOR so that you can monitor the machine that is generating the Load:
  5. Go into Statistics and set up a custom graph to show the resources on the machine where the load is being generated and the VUs and load that is being implemented:


With this custom graph you will very easily start to see when your resources start to take a hit.




Temil Sanchez
Ready API Product Owner



We have recently made some calculation so that we can give you a  baseline to determine an estimate of how many machines you may need for x amount of concurrent runs. Please see the following link: 


Hope this helps.




Temil Sanchez
Ready API Product Owner
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