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How do I automate to send an email with the J-Unit Style HTML Report?


How do I automate to send an email with the J-Unit Style HTML Report?



I need to automate the process of creating and sending a J-Unit Style HTML report by email after running an automated test suite.


I have this .properties file describing the email server.


Any information about this will be helpful. Even regarding feasibility 🙂


Thanks in advance!


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There's a "Send Mail" step that can send email. Depending on the format of the .properties file, you could have a Properties step load that and use it that way. The only catch is you want it to sent the J-Unit Style HTML report. I am not sure at what point that report is generated, but if you can control when that is triggered you could do it that way.

The other option might be a tear-down groovy script that runs the "Send Mail" test step?


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The same question was asked here. For the moment it is not possible to do this out-of-the-box with ReadyApi. Are you using Jenkins or other tool to run the tests? 


This is surely possible but I am not sure what efforts are needed. For instance you could create a bat file which triggers the mail sending and you could run that file as soon as the test suite/project is ran.

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