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How can we use OpenShift in Ready API?

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How can we use OpenShift in Ready API?

There is a scenario where I need to login to particular server of Open Shift using code and fetch the logs (SOAP response) from there. Can we do it using Java or Groovy? Any code help will suffice.


No problem, hope you get it sorted out. I'd like to hear how you accomplish this, when you do! 🙂


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I used selenium to fetch the logs. The logs used to come row wise with the row numbers and I wanted the latest logs once I hit the service. So, What I did was, I counted the total number of rows inside logs then took the last 3 rows values (using for loop) which used to contain the latest logs value. Further, I used XmlSlurper() - getNodeValues() method to fetch the particular node and stored to excel for data validation.


But Still, I am looking for any other approach to get this. may be by using any OpenShift jar. Once, I get this. I will let you know. 

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