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How can we export test steps into a file (notepad) from setup scripts

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How can we export test steps into a file (notepad) from setup scripts

Hello All


I am creating a setup script from soapui.

I am able to execute the test steps from setup tab of project and get the test case status.


Now problem is I need to export all test steps runtime properties in a file, so it be possible to save the request, properties, property transfer values, Groovy script result and JDBC step details in notepad from SOAP UI api.


Previously I had done it using batch file but now the issue is to create advance framework we are trying to fetch all values from within SOAP UI window only


Kindly suggest.

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Hi Manishgi,



From my understanding, you will need to add the Script TestStep as the last step in your test case and write a Groovy script that will export all the data you need:

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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I believe that you should use the application appropriately, so that you do not run into such cases.

For instance, setup script is meant for doing something to meet the predefined condition for the test case while automating the tests. And not meant for how you are currently using.

If the software is used in the same fashion as it is intended, everything is smooth and generates test artifacts appropriately.

By the way, if you can tell what are you trying to achieve, that would help to understand the problem better.

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Hello Tanya


I want to write the teardown script which will execute all test cases and save the output in notepad and after completing the execution html report will be generated to check the execution summary regarding all pass/fail.


Kindly suggest.

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