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How can i set up tests to inherit authroization


How can i set up tests to inherit authroization



I'm working with SoapUI NG Pro setting up tests for our API which is using Basic authentication. I saw the Auth Manager on the Projects tab where you can set up Basic Auth and thought great, no more fidgeting with that for individual requests.


However, even though I set the test request, test case and suite to inherit from parent and assign the correct credentials to the project, the test request will fail saying authorization has been denied. No matter which parent I use, test suite or test case, it keeps denying access until I assign the profile to the test request itself at which point everything works perfectly.


When I try using ingerit from parent for the request I did notice that there is no authrorization included in the header.


So, why is this? Why isn't the authorization passed down as it seems it should be? 

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Not sure if the question was understood rightly. If you want to assign the same credentials, set the authorization details at the interface level and assign it to all the requests and teststeps. And now go to the preferences, check add authentication to all out going requests and see the raw request to ensure that the soap header contains the credentials. If this does not solve, probably again go to interface, select the appropriate Password type then assign to all test steps and retry the tests.


I don't know what the interface level you are referring to is, please explain.


No, my question pertains to the Auth Manager in the Project section in Ready API where you can create authentication profiles and assign them to requests, test projects, -suites and -cases however it does not work to on e.g. a test case select "Inherit from parent" because that test case will then fail to send credentials in the header and thus fail to authenticate against the server.


This particular endpoint is using Basic Auth but other endpoints will be using OAuth 2.0

Hi Armageddonsoft,

Have you had any luck finding a solution for this? I'm having the same problem with the Auth Manager in ReadyAPI 1.2.2 - whenever a test step/case/suite is set up to inherit basic authentication from the parent in my project, the authentication headers are not sent... Pretty frustrating!




Yeah, having the same issue. Anyone find/got any documentation on this function?






No solution so far, I'll try to submit a bug for this. The forum used to be very helpful but it seems these days you get a one-liner that more often than not doesn't have anything to do with your question, is confusing or just misunderstood the question. I'll be moving off SoapUI as soon as I can find a replacement, it's not worth the money having to deal with all this on top of the continuous crashes, instabilities and random failures. The UI has been a mess since I first started using this and with Ready API they didn't bother addressing this. I'm done with SoapUI and Smartbear.

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Having the same issue and could not find the better solution. and also there should be a way to use different profiles dynamically as the environment changes.

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Same issue here. I wonder how many of us will need to report this issue before SmartBear takes notice that their product doesn't work? 


So now I'm going back to tediously setting auth on each request. At least I'm using a global property for it, so I can just change it there instead of using this "feature." Oh well.


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SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for posting the problem! It will be fixed soon.... very soon



Hello everyone,


First of all, I want to sincerely apologize for missing this forum thread. The reason this sometimes happens is that the new community forum is for both Open Source and Pro users, which sometimes makes it hard for our Customer care staff to keep up and look at all the threads. I also want to apologize for the incovenience caused by this bug, and for us not fixing it earlier. The reason is simply that until this afternoon we didn't even know about it.


A fix has now been merged to the release branch, so this functionality should work as intended in the upcoming 1.4 release of Ready! API. If you see any more problems, please let us know!


For more timely assistance, however, we strongly recommend that Ready! API users open support tickets rather than posting in the forums. If this had been done by the thread starter in April, a fix would have been made available a long time ago. We try to read what's posted in the forums, but unfortunately we will sometimes miss bug reports like this one. We really do want to help you users, however.


Kind regards,

Manne, Ready! API developer

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