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Hi - I am using ReadyAPI 2.4.0 to read an excel file but the formulas don't appear to be evaluated

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Hi - I am using ReadyAPI 2.4.0 to read an excel file but the formulas don't appear to be evaluated

Hi - I am using ReadyAPI 2.4.0 to read an excel file of expected results which are asserted again an online search result - but embedded formulas don't appear to be evaluated. The formulas in question are those relating to date calculations as some of our test data is date aged to always be a set age. e.g 6 months 3 days old or 2 years and 1 day etc. This is done in order that we can check the correct functioning at the boundaries.


examples of formulas  are shown below:


The formulas work perfectly within MS Excel and when I open the spreadsheet they update to show the date or number of months in relation to today - but if the data is accessed via soapui the date or number of months is calculated relative to when the MS Excel file was last saved and the assertions fail.


I tried the Evaluate formulas tick box on the configuration page for the Excel datasource but that has no effect.


If I open and re-save the excel file before running the tests all works well - but as these test are intended to be automated this is not a desired solution.


Does anyone know how I can make SoapUI evaluate the formulas?  






"=((YEAR(TODAY())*12 + MONTH(TODAY()))-(YEAR(EDATE(TODAY(),-(67))-(-4))*12 + MONTH(EDATE(TODAY(),-(67))-(-4))))"

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I do not think this can be done.

Values need to be in excel to be read from.


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Hi Sanj,


I am beginning to think that is the case - although the datasource configuration pageshows an "Evaluate formulas" tickbox and the revision history for ReadyAPI mentions evaluate formulas for versions 1.6 and 2.2 .


Thanks for taking the time to have a look.



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The evaluate formulas functionality seems to be working fine for me. I tried using it with an excel with the formula "=NOW()" and then logged the results in ReadyAPI. Every time I ran it I got different results proving that the evaluating of the formulas took place for every run (and independent of the xls document saving date).




Can you provide us an excel document and/or ReadyApi project to check it ourselves?

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Hi guys,


@Lucian, thank you for checking the behavior on your side.


@Donyates, have you managed to find the answer to your question?

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