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Groovy custom vmoptions not loaded

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Groovy custom vmoptions not loaded

I'm importing an external jar that requires some runtime options so I added them to the .vmoptions file (and I did have an extra white line at the end) 




But it doesn't seem to be taken...

==> ERROR [UDPServiceImpl] init(); 0; Can't start because of error: Invalid UDP port: -1 (should be 7000)


When I run that jar from IntelliJ with those VM options I see port = 7000.


Is there a way in groovy to print the value of JAVA_OPTS (vmoptions) to validate the arguments used at runtime? Am I doing something wrong?



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I did a small test['']); ==> com.smartbear.ready.ReadyApiSecurityManager['jmx.address']); ==> null


For all -Dvariables that I added I get null when I run that in groovy. I did restart ReadyAPI after modifying the vmoption file.

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Community, is there anything we can suggest here?

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

Not just for your properties, even some pre-existing ones are also not reproducible.

By the way, you can see what are available using Menu -> Help -> System Properties

To address your problem, you can add them to soapui.bat / .sh (similarly required in testrunner utility as well if you are running the test command line)

Add them in JAVA_OPTS as shown in the below thread:

NOTE: have a backup of the original scripts before making the suggested change.

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