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GetData based on another value

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GetData based on another value

I have a test I am trying to make more robust since DB ID's change often.....


I call one API to retrieve the informaiton I need. I need to now use a value that i returned based on another value.


Example will help explain.....

Screen 1 is an example of what I get returned.

The id can change but the propertyName will not.


The API post call I then make requires the id be entered. So I need to pass the id from the 'Get' based off its propertyName.


How do I do this? I though doing getdata or using it as a data source might work but cant seem to do it. Any help is appreciated.

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Glad it helped.

When there is problem to solve, it would always better to provide complete information at the first so that it would save time to arrive to the best possible solution instead going by iterations which may take both your and others time.

A request has to be created based on the response of the previous response? Is it the actual problem you are trying to achieve?

Would you please provide the sample response and expected following request (both in text format, not images) to resemble the actual solution you are trying to arrive?

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