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Get Data dialog doesn't pass just the property data

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Get Data dialog doesn't pass just the property data

I am new to ReadyAPI and am building my first Test Suite along with a New Test Case called Query Print List. I added 6 Test Steps (SOAP calls) and have tested each one and  they all work properly. My firsts test step issues a LOGON to the endpoint which returns a SessionID. This SessionID is needed in each of the 5 steps that follow in this test case. I am using the Get Data Dialog in the second step to get the SessionID from the response of the first step but keep getting an error Invalid SessionID as if ReadyAPI is not filling it in.


What am I doing wrong??. I can't get it to work even when I try to manually refer to it.


This is my Test Case and steps


This is my Get Data Dialog Request for the second step to get the SessionID from the first step




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After the test has ran, have you checked the Raw Request tab of the second request to see it has been added as you expect?

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I figured out that I could add Property Transfer Steps in order to accomplish copying the properties to other steps as needed and now the Test Case and all of it's steps work great. I noticed when I did that I needed to change the Path Language to XPath to get it to work. I am wondering if that is what is causing the Get Data not to work. Maybe it is using one of the other methods to get the properties.


With Property Transfer steps it now works great


I did have to change Path Language to XPath to get it to work



I am stil curious why the Get Data did not work right. This is the XML from the second step that it simply says the SESSID is invalid. I am still curious why?


I get this error still when trying to use Get Data



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At least you have a working solution.  As for why it didn't work, I don't know.  I use Get Data all the time.  Fab piece of functionality.

The only thing I could suggest is check the 'Raw' tab of the request in question.  The 'raw' tab shows exactly what SoapUI/ReadyAPI passed to the webservice after the vars have been interpolated by the ${stuff} expressions in the XML view.

Sorry, you suggested the RAW data tab before, I didn't know that was after variable substitution.
This is the RAW data that it sends when I use Get Data 


After I correct the SessID parameter with valid data and the step runs successfully, this is the comparison between the two RAW data steps. I am not sure why it insists on including the XML Schema again, but apparently that is what breaks it.




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