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Generate YAML file from c++ source code for API testing

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Generate YAML file from c++ source code for API testing

Hi there!


I am new to API testing and I need some direction where or how to start besides going thru the demos and tutorials.


We have an API library written in c++ code. I am tasked to test the API but none of the developers generated YAML file thatI can import to SoapUI. I am using the trial version as I want to demonstrate to the team that there is a better way to test the APIs. Currently, APIs are tested by QA very similar to unit testing and is very limited testing. Most of the time QA, rely on the developer to change the codes so it can be tested.


Is there a way to generate the c++ code to a YAML file or any format that SoapUI will accept? Appreciate any ideas.


Thank you in advance.

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Hi DSpyWhoShagMe,


Thank you for your post. This document may be helpful for you:


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Hi all,


Thank you for the file, Anastasia!


@DSpyWhoShagMe have you referred to it? Does it answer your question?

If so, don't hesitate to mark Anastasia's reply as a solution to this topic. This will help other users find this answer easier if they face a similar issue.


If the article didn't help, could you please provide us with more details on this? Thank you. 



Olga Terentieva
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