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Generate PDF File using Groovy

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Generate PDF File using Groovy

I am new to SoapUI pro and Groovy scripting.

Not sure if possible but, I am trying to utilize SoapUI pro, groovy test step, to write my own self-styled PDF reports.

I will be extracting/generating the text content withing the code. But it definitely has to be a PDF document.

Please let me if this can be acheived.

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Hi arvndv,


Please see this article for customizing reports:

Maybe, you don't need a groovy script to achieve your task.

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Hi all,


Nastya, thank you for your reply!


@arvndv, was the provided link helpful? If your question was answered, could you please mark Nastya's reply as a Solution so that other users could find it easier in the future?

Thank you in advance.


Olga Terentieva
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