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Failing a Groovy Script Test Step

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Failing a Groovy Script Test Step

I am running a groovy script in one of my test step. When the groovy script runs, it runs to completion. If, however, the logic dictates that the step should fail, how would I fail the test step so that the test case would stop?

Bill B.
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I think this should work."your reason for failing the test")
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Am trying to run groovy script step that internally executes REST test step based on the provided input data (reads from excel), here am trying to fail the test case in the groovy step based on the returned assertion status using this works properly while executing only the groovy test step but if I run through the whole test case it's not iterating and struck in the second iteration Any idea to solve this ? 

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Have you checked the test case basic options for your test case that contains the test step in question? In particular the "Fail Test Case on Error" option.

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Yes that one is unchecked

I have a similar case and this is what I do:


The groovy starts by calling the rest call (in my case its 3 steps on their own test suite at the end of my suite). They run and validate whatever they validate - for example that the company is in the DB. the last step returns a global property (at the project level) with value 1 or 0

Now back to the groovy, after it executes the rest calls suite it has a delay to let them run (they go to 3rd party)

Following that - I have an assertion that the value in the global property is '1'. If its 0 - I output that the company doesn't exists. If its 1 I get success and move on to the following step

Occasional Contributor fails the whole test case.

I have a test case where

- I run a http call,

- validate data returned by the call and then,

- iterate to the http call

This keeps on happening until a condition is satisfied.


The problem is, when i use it fails the whole test case and the iteration stops. I want to fail the current iteration and then move on to next iteration.


Is there a way.


try this ?.


- run a http call,

- validate data returned by the call with an assertion (either as separate assertion test step, or on the http call itself)

- groovy step to direct flow to appropriate test step based on assertion status

- loop back to the http call if test assertion fails

- jump to final test step if assertion passes


Note:   TestCase option 'Abort on Error' must be unchecked (option set on the entire test case) or the test will stop processing with the first failure. 


groovy would be similar to this ... 


def assert_status_token = testRunner.testCase.getTestStepByName("Assertion").getAssertionStatus().toString()
if (assert_status_token == 'FAILED')
testRunner.gotoStepByName( 'RecordErrors' )
testRunner.gotoStepByName( 'DataSource Loop' )

May you should consider creating a separate question with the details instead of reviving an old thread.


Hi All,


As am a beginner in the learning to Groovy, i request you to provide/suggest me the script should read the soap response and log information.




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