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Failed to find matching operation

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Failed to find matching operation

We just experienced a strange bug.
Our wsdl file which we base the project on contains two port-types (A and B) which have identically named operations ( C ).
We set up a MockService with a MockOperation of C based on the binding (Ab) that refers to port-type A.
When our client sends the request aimed for operation C, we get "Failed to find matching operation for request" error in soapUI. (See attached log-file)

BUT, if we add another MockOperation to the MockService, this one based on binding B and mocking its operation C, the request is received by this mock!

What is happening? I can't figure out anything in the request that indicates a certain binding/interface, only the  service-name and operation-name...
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that does sound strange!

Have you tried toggling the require SOAP Action / Version settings for the MockService to see if it makes any difference (bottom left properties)

Can you share your wsdl/soapUI project so I can debug this locally? (mail to


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Hi again,

I think this is actually the same underlying error as described in ... _id=136013, which has been fixed in the upcoming 2.0.3 release.

If you can send me the WSDL please do, otherwise just wait for the update!


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