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Execute multiple projects in parallel using testrunner.bat

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Execute multiple projects in parallel using testrunner.bat

I have almost more than 100 projects which is executed nightly using testrunner.bat file. It takes quite some time to complete the entire batch. Is there a possibility that I can run projects in parallel?


How the batch works now is it goes to the directory where the projects are stored picks up each projects executes and pushes the results in a db and then picks up the next test. So how can I modify it to pick up project and execute in parallel.

This is the command which gets executed :

C:\Program Files\SmartBear\ReadyAPI-3.8.0\bin\testrunner.bat" -r -j -f"C:\temp\Amalia 12.1\20210616_1200_186\Project1" -E"Amalia 12.1" "C:\TFS\TestWare\xml\Amalia 12.1\Project1.xml"> "C:\temp\Amalia 12.1\20210616_1200_186\Project1.txt" 2>&1

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Use multiple command line terminals and invoke them in parallel.

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@Madhusm : You can use below method which will execute the Test Cases parallelly, this will reduce the execution time :


however what @nmrao has said is also correct you can invoke multiple command lines and execute the projects

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Thank you, Rao and Himanshu. These are great suggestions!

@Madhusm Which approach did you choose?

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