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Error occurs when running DataSource

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Error occurs when running DataSource

When I try to run a DataSource I receive the following error: An error occured: C:\..\ep-test-automation\resources\test_data\banksparen-chain\qanda.banksparen-chain.xlsx (The system cannot find the path specified).


In the project settings I have the following settings:

File - C:\software-vm-3\ep-test-automation

Resource root - ${projectDir}/ep_test_automation/resources

When I run this in a Groovy script:

def projectPath = testRunner.testCase.testSuite.project.getPath() projectPath

the project path is this: C:\software-vm3\ep-test-automation.

The actual file is located here: C:\software-vm3\ep-test-automation\resources\test_data\banksparen-chain\qanda.banksparen-chain.xlsx


Does anybody have a suggestion?


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Hi @koen_able,


In my opinion, perhaps you are using relative path and the path is incorrect.


There are 2 options:

1. Hard "your path file" by clicking browse in data source step and relocate your data file.

Full path like this: "C:\software-vm3\ep-test-automation\resources\test_data\banksparen-chain\qanda.banksparen-chain.xlsx"


2. Relative path like this: "${projectDir}\ep-test-automation\resources\test_data\banksparen-chain\qanda.banksparen-chain.xlsx"


Hope this help.

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Hi bktientu,


Thanks. I had tried the first option of course, but it still said it couldnt find the file.

The second option worked. Unfortunately, I dont know what the problem was with the other options, but it works now

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