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Endpoint takes reference expression literally

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Endpoint takes reference expression literally

Hi community

I am having an issue to run a REST GET, I need to sent a value as a header and I have a main service that generate the needed ID. In the header I add this reference ${#Project#ID} but the endpoint is literally taken "${#Project#ID}"

I already remove the ${#Project#ID} expression and put the ID generated "gbxsrtuiosnfj2$.483...etc" and it works fine.

I need to mandatory use the ${#Project#ID} or alternative way because this test is going to run automated.

I hope someone be able to help me with this problem.

Thank you.
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I needed to go deep inside documentation and finally I found the solution, I just move the header from header tap to request headers there is an image attached. In that way the script now is taking the value I need and no the expression.

Thanks for the help.

Sorry guys I tried to add the image but it says I can't.
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