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Email Generator using REAL emails

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Email Generator using REAL emails

Has anyone else noticed that the Email Data Generator can create a REAL email address? I would expect there to be some additional configuration in that generator to control some of the email configurations (such as domain) to ensure that real people are not spammed via automations.

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Hey @NickMitricka,


I've just had a look (never actually used the emailgenerator before) and I can see what you mean as the sample values appear to have domains I recognise (at least partially anyway)


I'm not sure how some additional functionality to restrict the ability to generate only dummy email addresses would work however, because new domains are being created all the time and what you think of as a non-existent domain could very well be a genuine domain some time in the future.


I did notice that you can copy out from the 'Sample' field all the example email addresses allowing you to edit them to something you know doesnt currently exist.  HOWEVER - there doesnt appear to be any way to copy them back into the 'Sample' field, so that's no help at all!


You can raise a feature request suggesting an alteration to the functionality.  If it gets enough upvotes SmartBear may add the altered functionality into a later version of ReadyAPI!





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