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Different Assertion output for a loop testcase

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Different Assertion output for a loop testcase


I am new to Readyapi, I have test requirement for huge api testing, possibly 1000s of testcases. I have  a scenario where I need to test a Post request with 10 for valid and invalid outputs. I understand I can add 'data source' and 'data loop' the run the request 10 times with different payload. 

For testcase 1: with all valid inputs..record will be created..and result will be 'Pass' with any insertion

for testcase 2: with invalid input.. record will not be created as api will return error (expected behaviour) .. so I expect result to be Passed


So can my question is can I handle above 2 cases with one request and data loop with different assertions? or do i need to create multiple request for each assertion of valid and invalid inputs?




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specifying and organizing test cases is part of the testing art, so there is no simple answer.  


I would ask myself at least:

  • Which way is more understandable for test structure, running tests and checking results?
  • Will I need to run the positive and negative test case separately, or rather as a single test case?
  • Is it easier to put it all into a single test case or does it complicate the stuff?


From what you write, I would choose to create two test cases, one for positive and second for negative. Each of them would have a data source/loop, request and appropriate assertions. I would probably need only one simple set of assertions in each test case.
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Thanks for clarification, Karel.

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