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Day 1 - API Testing vs. UI Testing

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Day 1 - API Testing vs. UI Testing

Hello API Community,


I’m happy to welcome you to our API Testing vs. UI Testing competition. We aren’t going to fight. We are going to identify what it is like - “Doing API Testing”.

Each day, we will publish a new topic to discuss. Leave your comments in topics - you and your API Team will be rewarded.


Today, let’s introduce ourselves to the Community! Post a high-level description of the project you are working on.


Leave your comments here.


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Simple tweet: API Testing vs UI testing! Which one is more important? Join me in the @smartBear Community to talk about this: #APIvsUITesting


Event Rules

  1. Leave your comments on a conversation of the day. 1 comment = 1 point to the team score.
  2. The competition will be held on March 25-29.
  3. Join the competition any day and participate in any daily conversations.
  4. Feel free to leave comments for any teams.
  5. Rewards! A team with the biggest score will win. Active participants from each team will be rewarded.


Let's start!

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

Super Contributor

Hi Community,


Currently, I am working for a retail and ecommerce based client. Their requirement is to replace all the massive mainframe with cloud microservices and to keep the individual services small, with responsibilities distributed accross a number of services. Coming to microservices testing part, I have to build a kind of framework using Rest-Assured/ReadyAPI to automate all the microservices.


Choice is mine....!!!




Occasional Contributor

Currently Im working on Project Management application for smoke test scripts .

The main challenge that I have created a script  and If I run a test and it passes one day but not the next day because the object names are clearly not the same (ie.,Object id’s are changing) I'll do an object spy and fix. Might work for that day and then another test run, objects will fail


We haven't found the solution yet  ,  it would great if any solve our problem.

Community Hero

Happy to be part of this event,


We are automating Rest API calls for Telecom and Networking domain which is integrated with JSwing Application and Angular JS application.

Shankar R

LinkedIn | CG-VAK Software | Bitbucket |

“You must expect great things from you, before you can do them”

Extension Available

Frequent Contributor

Hi Team,


I am currently working on test automation within the public sector to bring citizens and government closer together and facilitate communication between them.

API testing was a must and ReadyAPI quickly prooved to be the most promising tool (and it delivered! Smiley Happy). For UI automatision I also reviewed TestComplete, but at that time (2 years ago) we decided not to go with this tool. Reasons: I couldn't get it up and running that easily (I rememeber recording an easy script and couldn't get it to run it again), but most importantly because there was/is some in-house knowledge on the (free) Selenium framework. So we still use this framework for UI testing to complement the API testing.

However; choice for me personally is API testing, seeing it enables a shift to left in testing and helps to deliver quality even before a front end comes into play. UI automation for me now is mostly pure front (cross-)browser related tests, like logging in/out, check hyperlinks, sorting, filtering, etc.) and serves more as a regression test, while the API testing really covers the most part of the functionality (positive, negative testing, performance, security, authorization, authentication, flowtesting, destructuve, concurrenty, ...) + trying to cover new features each sprint. GO API team Smiley Wink

Occasional Contributor

Happy to be part of this event,


We are automating Rest API calls for angular nodejs Application


Currently working on UI testing but moving towards API testing. Facing lot of challenges with integration between a desktop application and service calls

Champion Level 3

Using SoapUI till recently for SOAP and REST API testing and execution with Apache-Ant for execution of the tests and report creation.


If some one has project, and like to execute it and generate reports, then simply use docker image

Champion Level 3

This comment is generic which includes both UI and API test automation.


I know many start some kind of automation for web apps i.e., UI Automation. There are many open source and paid softwares available for the same using various technologies and programming in different languages

And many tools also allows record and play which may fit for some projects and many not be for some projects. And many expertise available in the domain as well thru various forums.


However, when it comes to API testing, and more evolving towards Microservices, this area is picking a lot know in the market.

But, for QA / Test engineers it is a bit challenge to test and automate the entire business flows as there is no UI for those who coming from web app testing. It requires data to be used from one API call response to the following request, data comparision as part of verification etc.

Either it needs complete programming skills( unlike web, no record and play possible here) to create some kind of framework.

Other demand is to be able to adjust for the Ajile model, do quick releases to reach market demand. 

Of course, there are tools available in this area too, but tricky to use.

Luckily, SmartBear has both free and paid products  which not only allows to test customer products, but also enabling the teams to automate their business functionality.

Community Hero

Hi Community Members,


I have done UI Testing and API Testing in my small career using UFT, but since past 2 years i am doing API Testing using ReadyAPI, i am currently working on banking domain and automating REST based services.



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Thanks and Regards,
Himanshu Tayal
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