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Datasink report column order does not stick

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Datasink report column order does not stick

Hi there,

I am using SOAPUI pro Datasink feature for capturing SOAP response results.
We are using the subreport capability of the Datasink step to output the result in respective columns. No matter how we arrange the order of the properties, the report is generated in some randomly column order.

We want to impose an order in which these property results are outputted in report.

Let us know how to go about achieving the same.

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This post is 9 years old but let me still try to re-enact it.

I'm facing the same issue with ReadyApi, the report basing on the data sink does not respect the order of the columns defined in the sink.

Any help or fix coming?

Fow now, I used the following trick with powershell to transform the file in an additional step:


Would still be a welcomed feature that ReadyApi would follow the order of the columns defined in the data sink screen...

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Hi @jacqueminv,


I have referred to our support engineers regarding your questions, and they have just told me that they need to look deeper into the issue. So, they ask you to contact them here so that they could perform some investigations.

Please let us know your results in this thread.

Thank you in advance,

Olga Terentieva
SmartBear Assistant Community Manager

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