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DataSource Loop on SoapUI Pro

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DataSource Loop on SoapUI Pro

Hi, I'am using SoapUI Pro to test the Rest Nominatim Api({latitude}&lon={longitude}).
I want to know how to loop through the 2 needed parameters (latitude, longitude) received from a Data source(Excel file),
Thank you for your help.



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Add data to excel, Add DataSource and Parameterize this url like this;-${DataSource#latitude}&lon=${DataSource#longitude}


After that Add DataSourceLoop, add source as DataSource and target as this Request url step.

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@avidCoder Thank your for your response


i have an excel file that contains a list of informations about some citites(latitude,country,iso2,iso3,longitude),the probleme is that i can't set 2 properties(latitude,longitude) to receive data from excel file(latitude,longitude) since they are not successive columns.

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It doesn't matter whether its successive columns or not. Do you have columns like this:-

Sl No latitude country iso2 iso3 longitude
1 23 China Hippo Wesr 43
2 34 India Zeta Che 56


Just mention the correct column name against the parameterization.

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All you need to do is

  1. Add data source as excel
  2. Browser the Excel sheet an mention the sheet name.
  3. Create individual properties for each of the coloum say lat, country, iso2, iso3 and long.
  4. Use Lat and long in parameter using property expansion/ right click and get data dialogue in paramater section.

I hope this should serve the purpose..

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