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Data Source Generator

Hey All

Just looking to see if there is a way to change the country of origin in SoapUI to be Canada so that I can randomly generate Provinces instead of States?

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Hi @cpentecost 


I've never tried this myself - but I just had a look at the 'Data Generator' function in the Datasource test step and I can't see any way to do this.


HOWEVER - there are in fact only 10 provinces in Canada (according to google - I'm from the UK....what would I know? ;)) - but as a workaround couldn't you just add the 10 provinces into a spreadsheet and use that as your datasource?






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I assumed that would be the case but the Country is greyed out so I figured there could be a config that would allow me to change the country of origin.  But yes an Excel Spreadsheet will work.



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