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Dark mode in ReadyAPI causes assertions to be unreadable

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Dark mode in ReadyAPI causes assertions to be unreadable

I have a problem viewing assertion results in Dark Mode.  Once the assertion has run, it is unreadable... just a blank strip colored pale blue or pink, depending on whether the assertion has passed or failed, as in this example.  I see this in ReadyAPI 3.10.2 and 3.20.0.





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I think this issue might be limited to combining color blind mode with dark mode. 


When you have color blind mode set, it uses blue instead of green for passing tests and assertions.  I suspect there is a separate color palette for color blind mode that did not get updated for dark mode, so the default foreground does not work with the color-blind background colors, thus the unreadable situation.  When I toggle off colorblind tag, the assertions in dark mode are readable.


SAMPLE with colorblind on:



The assertions are unreadable in the pastel colors used with colorblind mode on, as shown above.


Open properties and toggle off color blind mode, then re-run the tests...



SAMPLE with colorblind mode off:




Assertion fonts are readable with color blind mode off.


There's still a UI bug with dark mode and color blind mode together, but at least I have a workaround.



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Hi @jrforeman,

This is known issue RIA-18994: Dark Mode and Color-Blind Mode enabled makes the Assertions dialog unreadable. We will do our best to fix it in one of the next product updates.


Sorry for the inconvenience!


Customer Care Team

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