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Create Custom Properties on TestCase Level

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Create Custom Properties on TestCase Level

I can not create Custom Properties - when I enter the value name and press enter the cursor doesn't move out of the Custom Property Field until I delete it again.


On TestSuite Level or Project Level, it is no problem at all to set custom properties.


Isnt it allowed to create Custom Properties on TestCase Level?


edit: I can not even create more Custom Properties on Project Level now ... I got 2 and when i try to create a new one it just doesnt let me ...

Is the Trial Version limited to 2 Custom Properties somehow?


There should not be such limitation (at least not that i know of). Please try to download our maintenance build which includes a lot of bug fixes since 1.9 release.

If it does not help, try to contact our support team for assistance.

API Bloom
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I am already using the 1.9.0 since I downloaded it today.


... really don't know what's happening here ... I closed the project, saved it before ... and now my TestSuite I created before with 3 TestCases is gone ... in the Project Overview I still see 3/3 Success/Total Functional Tests .... but I can not access them anymore and under the Project Node there is the old API I loaded from swagger - my TestSuite is gone/deleted and also the tests I created ...


If you're using the "TestCase Properties">"CustomProperties" list on the left, might be worth trying the properties table for the test case dialog, just to see if you get a different response? Click on the test case in your project tree to bring the test case dialog up, then click on the "properties" tab at the bottom. It's just a different way of doing the same thing, but you never know.

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In the Attachment I added a short video showing that i cant create Properties at all ... I have to close the program and reopen it (and there it is not sure that it works)

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