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Converting to composite project loses tests


Converting to composite project loses tests

I have an existing project with many tests in it. Having recently upgrade to SOAPUI NG Pro, I decided to save my project in "composite" mode, as I will be code-sharing with others. It was one of the key motivators to buy another Pro licence.


However, having done this, I appear to have lost a whole bunch of tests from several test cases. See the attached JPG. All the test cases that are not expandable used to be full of tests and are now empty.


I can revert back to my backup, so I haven't lost anything, but this seems like a pretty serious defect, FYI.


ReadyAPI 1.9.0




Super Contributor

This does sound like a bug, I would suggest raising a support case at:


If you have a backup and it's reproducible, I'm sure that Smartbear would be interested in seeing you project.

Thanks Radford, probably a good idea.

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