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Although I really like working with ReadyApi I have some basic expectencies which are not yet fulfilled. I can see that a lot of progress has been recently made but still not as much as I (and many others) would like.


This is what I face almost everyday:


1. Integrating ReadyApi with a VC tool is still very hard

Problems arrise with almost every commit even though the project is a composite one and I use pretty print. There are countless things that appear as changes into my version control tool. It is very difficult to instruct all my colleagues to commit only the necessary changes as they are not very familiar with what is a necessary change and what is not so it's not easy to keep track of our project changes.

2. The UI is stiff and slow

I didn't see much improvement in the ReadyApi UI. Everything is slow and seems quite outdated. Even expanding a test suite looks like a hard job to do for ReadyApi.
Moreover some basic functionalities are missing in ReadyApi. For instance in the free JMeter I am able to drag and drop multiple test cases from one test suite to another or even from one project to another. Why can't I do the same thing with a premium paid tool?

3. The forum website is laggy

I accessed the ReadyApi forum long before I started to participate in discussions. The reason for which I didn't stayed before is because the forum looks like an amateurial one. Take the "Reply" button for instance... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Even if it works I might wait up to 5-6 seconds to get my new page. This is not acceptable.


Wrapping up... I am really annoyed by those things especially considering that SmartBear provides testing and development tools. How would someone trust to buy testing products from SmartBear when they are not able to develop and test their own stuff?


P.S. Hope this is a constructive feedback.



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Hello Lucian,


Thanks for sharing your feedback. It's very important for us to listen to our customers!


I have some news about the community site. I wanted to publish an announcement next week. However, anyway you will see everything 🙂 Big changes are going to be implemented very very soon with the community site! I hope you will enjoy the improvements. So, please wait just a little.


As for the other 2 issues you described, I'll definitely let the ReadyAPI product owner know about them. May I ask you to submit the issues to our Support Team if you haven't done this yet? I suppose some investigation will be required here. However, I'm sure that our support engineers along with the Product Team will do their best to try to resolve them.




Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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