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Change name of Dump File automatically for each response

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Change name of Dump File automatically for each response

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I'm attempting to use the "Dump File" request property to save the xml response I'm getting. I'd like to have SOAP automatically change the name of the dump file to match the transaction number provided in each response. I've read that it can be done using the property expansion feature, but so far I'm unable to make it work. Can someone share the proper formatting for the Dump File property value? I've been using this:


But all it saves is tdl.xml. I'd like it to be TDL123456.xml where 123456 is the transaction number in the response file.


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Hi Shane,

Unfortunately there seems to be a problem to expand the property in the Dump File field. I have logged a bug for this: SOAP-2639. Sorry for the inconvenience.
As an alternative you could use the DataSink TestStep to save your responses. Please see this article:


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I have to implement the same thing. I would like increase the number instead of taking the value from response. How to achieve it.


Ex: Dump File loaction is "c:/user/filename1" in next testcase file name should be filename2.

Please help me with this.

Dump file may not solve problem being described.

You can create script to save the file the way you wanted to.

In the below script, use "saveToFile" method can help you. Create a file object and file content and pass them to that method. Use script assertion to the request step.

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