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Can we run the latest ReadyAPI on Linux Ubuntu 22.04?

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Can we run the latest ReadyAPI on Linux Ubuntu 22.04?

We need to run ReadyAPI GUI on a linux machine.  The latest linux indicated that is supported is 20.04 which is old and will not be supported much longer. 

Is 22.04 supported?

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Hey @smaloney 


There's no definitive way of determining this other than trying it out.  As you say - the latest known version of ReadyAPI supported Ubuntu is 20.04. 


That's not to say that ReadyAPI definitely won't work on later versions of Ubuntu, it's just that SmartBear have only confirmed (by testing) that the latest version of Ubuntu they know ReadyAPI works on is v20.04.


ReadyAPI could still work on more recent versions of Ubuntu - it just depends if any of the Ubuntu libraries that ReadyAPI uses have been deprecated in the later versions of Ubuntu or not.


That's all I got on this I'm afraid.  Best guess - try installing a 14 day trial version on your Ubuntu and see what happens.





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