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Can't generate PDF report with the maven plugin

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Can't generate PDF report with the maven plugin

Hi Guys,


Running Ready API 1.8 with a pro license for SOAP UI.


I've created the nice looking PDF report for a test suite with the application and now I also want to do this using the maven plugni.

This I cannot do for some reason.


I set all these flags in the configuration section, but no report are being generated.

If you have a good example POM I can use - where you generate a PDF report - I would be very happy.


<reportType>TestSuite Report</reportType>
<reportName>PDF Report</reportName
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Finally got it working.


It seems that the <reportName> tag is not the filename of the report, but the name of the report template/type.

Not that clear from the docs.


<reportName>TestSuite Report</reportName>
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Hi TooDizzy,


That's great that you've figured out the issue and posted the solution here.

I've asked our Documentation Team to update the online article where this tag is described.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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Could you post your POM.xml so that i will use the pdf reports.

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