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Re: Business Requirements

Hello Ole,
I have been thinking about this business requirements feature and had a few suggestions.

Typcially (atleast in our organization) requirements come in a big excel sheet from business units which we then write test cases against.
Tester A will test chunk A of the project and verify requirements for chunk A, tester B will test chunk B and verify requirements for chunk Band so on..

At the managerial level, the manager wants to know that the union of the all the soapui testcases will have covered the entire requirements sheet.

At the moment we use Mercury Test Director to map test cases to requirements and that is how the management can be assured that all requirements are being covered.

so my suggestion in this regard is the following.

1. Import of requirements should happen at the 'workspace' level.

2. User can then map a testcase to any of the requirements.

3. There should be a feature (lets call it requirements analysis) which will will show the following things.
    a. what percentage of requirements are covered.
    b. requirements that are not covered.
    c. I should be able to select a requirement and soapUI should show me  the list of testcase for this requirement. I can select an entry on this list and be taken to that testcase (kind of like tele porting)

4. During a testrun report (the junit reports) I would also like to see that how many of my requirements are failing (based on failing testcases)

This analysis will be based on the projects that are in the workspace.

I think incorporating these suggestions would make soapUI a very powerful tool.

let me know what you think

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