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Bug while cloning TC

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Bug while cloning TC

Hi, I'm using Ready! API 1.9.0 . I believe I found a possible bug. Overall summary is if you have a TC which has a DataGen step and that datagen has a property that has groovy code (atleast 30 lines or more); now if you clone that TC, some of the code will be lost in the new TC.

Steps to reproduce (let me tell you its a sporadic bug):

1. Create a TC with DataGen step

2. Create a property in DataGen where you use groovy and write some lines of code

3. Save the project

4. Execute the TC

5. Wait for sometime

6. Clone the TC

7. Check the groovy script data gen property in new TC.


In my case, there are around 35 TC in project. DataGen contains around 5-6 property, groovy script property has atleast 30 lines of code.

Disappearing of code also occurs sometimes when I check into stash, but thats too sporadic to provide any steps to reproduce.

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Hi Kumars12,



Could you please check if you see the same behavior when using the latest Ready! API maintenance build? You can download it here:

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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