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Assertions not saved in Ready API 3.9.0

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Assertions not saved in Ready API 3.9.0

Since I have Ready API 3.9.0, I have problems when I save my project after I modified an assertion.
When I close Ready API and reopen it, my changes are lost.
Has anyone ever had this kind of behavior.

It's not all the time, and I can't find a pattern.

I'm using composite project.


After the save if I look in the XML file of the Test, the changes are not there.






Hello @cadesnoy65 


Above you wrote "I'm thinking of using another software."   That seem less desirable (very expensive considering you have a large project with lots of time and effort put into it to just abandon) than trying to fix this.


Above you wrote "I can't change everything to use assertions in groovy instead of the assertions features".  Can you change just one test case to use groovy asserts where you are having this issue?  You don't have to change all the assertions to groovy in the project at once.  Try just the one test case  and see if it works. I don't know how many assertions you have for that test case that has the issue, but converting over to groovy for it shouldn't take more than ten minutes for every 20 assertions.  After you do it once, every other one is a lot faster.


Above you wrote "I can't also switch from composite project to normal project.".  I asked if you could change from composite to normal (save as normal) and then back to composite.  It does not have to remain as a normal monolithic xml file project.  I have done that work flow process in the past and it healed the composite project for me by aligning all the xml pointers that may have become corrupted.  Saving from composite to normal and then back to composite is just a few mouse clicks.  What is the reason that you can't do that?


Finally, if you think it is a bug, you can report the issue formally to the ReadyAPI Support team - you can do this here:


I don't know if ReadyAPI support team monitors this community forum, so going directly to the source of help could be your best bet for resolution.








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