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Assertions not saved in Ready API 3.9.0

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Assertions not saved in Ready API 3.9.0

Since I have Ready API 3.9.0, I have problems when I save my project after I modified an assertion.
When I close Ready API and reopen it, my changes are lost.
Has anyone ever had this kind of behavior.

It's not all the time, and I can't find a pattern.

I'm using composite project.


After the save if I look in the XML file of the Test, the changes are not there.





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Hello @cadesnoy65


That is a painful issue...  I might have encountered that a very long time ago, but don't have a direct solution for you since it has not happened to me lately. 


The first thing I would do is see if ReadyAPI is letting you know there is an issue by looking at the ReadyAPI Log (lower left corner of ReadyAPI | Show Logs).  Click on the "ReadyAPI Log" tab and right click anywhere in the log text area and select the "Clear all logs" menu item.  Once you have a clear viewing area it will make it easier to see what ReadyAPI does when it saves your project.  Now that the area is clear, make your assertion change and watch the ReadyAPI Log viewing area when you save your project.  Scroll through the viewing area after you save and see if there are any warning or error messages in the log that you might be able to address.


Since you say this problem does not happen all the time, you may need to view the log each time you save to see if anything strange is noted in the log.  Without log information, everyone answering your question will just be guessing on what the solution might be.






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Thank you.

I did what you said and there is noting in the log except "Saving Test Case..." but nothing was saved. 


I will continue to look at the log,

Which version of READY API do you use ?

Hello @cadesnoy65 


Currently I am on the latest version (i think) 3.10.1.  I always update to the latest version when it comes out since I have not been bit by new versions for a while. 


I see the word "Git" in your file path to that testcase xml file so that leads me to believe you might be using the Git feature of ReadyAPI maybe?  I work on files that are under the control of Git but I don't use the Git feature built into ReadyAPI.  Opening and Saving files are a pretty standard feature of ReadyAPI, so if there were more issues with that version of ReadyAPI, I would think there would have been more outcry with people in your same predicament.  My only thought for your solution might have something to do with Git if that is part of your workflow.  That path to your filename looks really long too.  Windows usually can deal with that almost 200 character fully qualified file name, but there could be something fishy with that too.

Unfortunately, that log looks like ReadyAPI is working with that file just fine, so my suggestions would just be speculation.  It might be a little continued trial and error research for you into what the root cause is.  Regardless, that is not a common complaint for ReadyAPI use.




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Thank you for your answer,
I use Git but it's not Git feature of ReadyAPI.
I will try to upgrade to version 3.10.1. Maybe it will help

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If you are using Git you may be interested in the Git Console that was recently added as a ReadyAPI update. This integration will let you make .git calls directly from the console after connecting to your remote repository. For more information on the Git Console please visit the link below.

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I updated to version 3.10.1 and I still have the same problem. It's very difficult to work with that. 

I'm thinking of using another software.

It happens when:

  • I rename an assertion
  • I change the contents of an assertion
  • I clone an assertion

Example of the problem.


There is no message in the log. Except that everything is saved. But it's not.


Not sure, but I think it happens after a test run. 
if we open Ready API and change assertions, it will work. But after we run the tests, the save is not working good. (but not every time)

I have to investigate.

Hello @cadesnoy65 


Yep.  That is strange problem.  Not one I can reproduce.  I can only suggest a work around and see if that helps...


Instead of having assertions on the api invoke test step, maybe have the assertions in a groovy test step.  Is the issue only related to assertions in one api invoke test step for one test case or assertions in any api test step in all test cases?


I prefer assertions in a groovy test step so they are not buried deep in the api invoke test step that I have to crack open each assertion to see what it is evaluating.  I like to see all the assertions in code at one time.


This issue does not seem to be wide spread (at least others are not reporting it) so that leads me to believe something is specific to your situation.  Is it a big project or one that has been modified a lot by different people with different versions of ReadyAPI?  Maybe save it back to a monolithic xml project and then back to a composite project to see if it heals.  I don't have an answer.




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Thanks a lot for looking into this TNeuschwanger and Corey!


Hi @cadesnoy65, does the advice help?

Sonya Mihaljova
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Not really, 

we have a big project. I can't change everything to use assertions in groovy instead of the assertions features.

I can't also switch from composite project to normal project.

But I appreciated the responses.


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