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Assertion type Message Content Assertion deprecated, will and when will it be removed?

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Assertion type Message Content Assertion deprecated, will and when will it be removed?

I notice in ReadyAPI that assertion type="MessageContentAssertion" is deprecated, will and when will it be removed?

I have about 900 assertions of type="MessageContentAssertion" in my test projects and am wondering if there's a deadline and if so, what that deadline is to replace them by none-depricated assertion types.

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Hey @kostel00,

Someone asked a similar question relating to the http status code assertion type which is also being deprecated. There are actually several that will be deprecated and moved over to the Smart Assertion functionality if im remembering correctly.

The Smartbear representative didnt provide a deadline date, but id guess (considering other software/libraries ive used that have been deprecated) it would be unusual to remove the functionality within say a year of declaring the deprecation.....especially in this case.....if i remember correctly there were a number of assertions that are being migrated into the Smart Assertion functionality.

Every users in the same situation im afraid. Ive multiple projects that will likely take weeks before ive sorted them out.


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ok, when it's supposed to be replaced by the Smart Assertion functionality, does anyone have a xslt to automatically replace the Message Content Assertion by Smart Assertions in the test project xmls? This would save us a lot of time...


"Message Content Assertion" assertion type is not deprecated anymore as of ReadyAPI 3.41.0, so "problem" solved...


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