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Amazon Cognito

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Amazon Cognito

Hi all,


My company recently implemented Amazon Cognito as the authorization method for our APIs.  It doesn't appear that this fits neatly into the box of any of the auth schemes available in SoapUI (such as Oauth2 for example).  It's entirely possible of course that I'm wrong and I just missed it.   I was wondering if anyone has experience with Amazon Cognito and could recommend either a built in auth method, or a manual method of using SoapUI with Cognito?  Currently I am looking at just setting up the auth requests as functional tests and then passing the returned token/cookies to all my tests, but that doesn't seem very slick.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!



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Hi technigirl74,


I'm sorry I'm not familiar with Amazon Cognito, but, maybe the AWS Signature authorization profile will suit you:



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Hi all,


Good point, Anastasia!


@technigirl74, do you have any updates here? Have you found the answer to your question?

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Thanks in advance.



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